Ecklonia Cava structure/function_claims

Find Out Why We Use The Most Powerful

Plant Based Antioxidant In The World.

We want you to know that TianChi uses the purest Ecklonia Cava on the market which is 98% pure.  The leading brand is actually 20% pure with 80% cornstarch as filler.

Hey, we’re making a health product…Why would we use the cheap stuff?

Because ecklonia cava is partially fat-soluble it crosses the blood brain barrier and is particularly useful in controlling inflammation in the brain.

Ecklonia Cava lasts for 12 hours in the body, much more than any other antioxiodant.

Over $35 Million In Research Has Led To

Some Amazing Discoveries

Cardiovascular anti-oxidant useful in lowering risk for stroke and cholesterol levels.

40% increase in acetylcholine, 40% inhibition in beta-amyloid brain plaque in mammals.

Increases alpha brain waves and parasympathetic nerve response which increases alertness and focus.

Thins the blood and homogenizes blood flow, possibly lowering blood pressure.

Increases flexibility of the vascular system and to help normalize blood flow and pressure.

The list of benefits for Ecklonia Cava are too numerous to mention and so we’ve added a number of links for those of you who love the science.

To learn more about the Ecklonia Cava we use manufactured by Ford-Speranza Nutraceuticals, Inc., check out these links on their website:

Brain Function
Weight Loss
Erectile D